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We are sometimes criticised for speaking 'negatively' of those who claim to represent the fundamental tenets of the Christian faith and yet whose behaviour clearly evidences they do not. It is as if our critics feel that these detractors are somehow beyond scrutiny and as if critique is in some way divisive, anti Christian or even 'demonic'. Believers are commanded to test all spirits because of the very fact there are false teachers in the flock leading astray the elect. Movements which teach that criticism of any kind is somehow ungodly, are actually engaged in pride and arrogance and as such expose themselves as fools according to the Word of God.

A fool despises his father's correction, but he who heeds reproof shows prudence. Proverbs 15:5

A short word study . . .

Fool: Gk. '×vÎyl - silly - to be perverse
Despises: Gk. nâ'ats - Holds in contempt, abhors
Father's: ãb - Paternal, principal, primary
Discipline: mûsâr: Warning or Instruction with regard to doctrine.
Reproof: Acceptance of reasoning, chastisement and rebuke
Shows Prudence: Is made bare i.e. not proud

Scripure and Scripture alone is the final authority when judging so called, 'moves' and 'truths' of God' - not popularity, feel goodness or wide spread acceptance.

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