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The Moriah Team

Moriah Ministries Australia is committed to preaching the uncompromised Messianic Gospel for the salvation of the lost and for the edification of the saints. These are perilous days and children of the living God are commanded to be vigilant and aware. Moriah Ministries Australia is a Watchman in these times.
Herein you will be encouraged, enlightened and challenged.
It is our most sincere desire that the Father be glorified in all we seek to achieve and that those who truly belong to Him will be encouraged unto that great day.

Tony and Pamela Dean

Directors of Moriah Ministries Australia
Hosts of Sonsets

Born Again: October 14, 1988 / August 18, 1981

Tony and Pamela were married on October 14, 2006 after a two year courtship and  live in Adelaide, South Australia with Tony's son Luke (14). His eldest daughters Kyrie-Beth (21) and Rebekah (19) both live away from home. Pamela's children, David, Leah and Rebecca all reside in the United States of America.

Both Tony and Pamela are passionate about the truth and exposing the lies of false teachers and movements.

Fierce opponents of heretical teachings, lying leaders of all ilk, and whitewashed 'churchianity', Tony and Pamela strive to preach the full, uncompromised Gospel of Christ without fear of favour.

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