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Daniel Bodnar
Senior Technical Advisor and North American Correspondant

Hi, my name's Daniel Bodnar. I'm passionate about God, truth, life, people, and technology. I'm a 23 year old student trying to juggle two jobs while pushing myself through college. I'm an IT Specialist for two small companies and plan on majoring in Digital Security. My dream is to research the implementation of nano-scale black holes into super computers. My second dream is to create a technology-rich "smart house" for the impaired and elderly.

I grew up in a Christian household with 8 brothers and sisters. I was saved at the age of 7, but only recently have come to begin to understand the real meaning of a life dedicated to Christ and am slowly but steadily growing closer to him. I believe strongly in ministering through relationships and by example instead of words. And though I feel opinionated about a great deal, I prefer to sit and listen to everyone else's before sharing mine. I feel all too often people (and especially Christians) are so intent on sharing, spreading, and pushing their opinions and beliefs onto others that they fail to learn so much. Sometimes, you can say more by listening than with ten thousand words. The same applies to ministering.

Danny is a welcome addition to Moriah Ministries Australia and  we look forward to his early warnings from the U.S.

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