Monetary, Privacy, Endorsement and Ethics Policy

Moriah Ministries Australia has never, nor ever will, solicit or receive financial reward for its labours. The Word of God commands believers to buy the truth and not sell it (Proverbs 23:23). Our service to the Body of Christ is a calling and a gift freely received, it is therefore freely given (Matthew 10:8). Frankly, we struggle to understand why so many appear to be oblivious to this simple principle. If you want money, get a job! A church leader is not a profession, it is a calling. Paul said that even in doing all we should, we are to consider ourselves unprofitable servants (Luke 17:10). Making merchandise of God and His people is SIN!  The only time we may ever ask for anything, would be in instances of needed prayer support, or forgiveness where appropriate.

Moriah Ministries Australia has never, nor ever will, exchange, share, divulge or on sell visitor or subscriber email addresses or personal information. We assure visitors and subscribers alike, stringent security measures, including hack-tracking have been incorporated into the Moriah Site and no personal details are stored on our offsite server at any time.

Moriah Ministries Australia gathers information from a wide variety of sources. All efforts are made to ensure such sources are credible and relevant to the information sought. We do not necessarily endorse the opinions, ideologies, philosophies or worldviews of our report sources.

Moriah Ministries Australia is completely politically and denominationally nonpartisan. We consider specific partiality in such an unethical practice, one in which we will never engage. We do not believe mankind is capable or even interested in maintaining a just and righteous government for its Creator or His people, in a reality where someone other than themselves is worshipped, their pious amazement notwithstanding. We believe Christian Imperialism or Dominionism as it is otherwise known, is a contemptible heresy, one which the discerning believer would rightly know to avoid like the plague. We believe the character-less practice of respecting persons of prominence, both in secular society and in the professing Christian Church, is morally, ethically and spiritually repugnant - equal in every sense to obscene idolatry, and that partaker's in and of such are at terminal variance with the Word of God and those who serve Him. We believe the Heavenly Father has called His own out of the world, nevermore to be loitering fornicators with it.  True believers in the Risen Messiah are not called to 'Christianise' anything, least of all fallen humanity. They know that it is a breathtaking exercise of intellectual lunacy to have so soon forgotten the Spanish Inquisition and other theocratic 'revivals of dominionism'. If the Roman Catholic institution is the mother of all harlots, then who are her harlot daughters? Are they not those who came from her and who now return? Can a leopard ever change its spots? The proposal that equally fallen man, albeit in religious robes, may conspire to enforce behavioral bionics on those who have no spiritual mechanism or empowerment by which to achieve such a task, is heartless, cruel and impossible to expect. Not surprisingly it has NEVER been the mandate of the true Bride of Christ. One should therefore enquire with some diligence, as to whom is really being served by such a mission without permission.

True believers know that the Great Commission is to go into all the world without breeding with it, and tell it what it needs to hear in preference to what it wants to hear, irrespective of how that 'inconvenient truth' might be received. THAT friend, is none of our business, and should likewise be none of our concern. It astounds us to witness professing believers in the Risen Messiah infinitely more concerned with their image and achieving popularity with the masses than exercising any kind of fundamental obedience to the Living God.

True believers are to proclaim the Good News of Yahshua's Salvation from a contrite heart, and a humble gait.  We are not called to covetous clowns or capricious compromisers, we are called to be Children of the Most High... We should therefore behave accordingly and with due respect to He whose eyes roam too and fro throughout the Earth.

Bottom line... We are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ nor of the standard He has set for His own. The rock bed for the truth upon which we are founded is by no means the so-called wisdom of man, but the Word of God. We believe it is every believer's responsibility to, with the deepest of humility and respect, lovingly hold their brethren accountable for both words and deeds, particularly those claiming an 'anointing' to lead. This is the Church of the Eternal God, the Bride of our Blessed Saviour ladies and gentlemen. Ought they who comprise her be protected from those who do not? And with what zeal shall that be achieved?

That friend, is YOUR call.

We're here with you as you stand.

Kindest Regards,

The Moriah Team
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