Ashley Evans versus the Bible.



In his latest prime-time television advertising spiel, senior pastor of the Paradise Community Church Club grinningly sprukes of the ‘vibrant’ virtues of his unique fellowship.  His catch cry is two fold, “we are not like anyone else” – WRONG! The road upon which he is leading his followers is widely travelled, and secondly his proclamation that, “you will love it." is open to scrutiny. Therefore my question is to whom is he speaking? Obviously, that is a moot point; his invitation is aimed at the unchurched with a view to bolstering Paradise’s membership.


Our Lord and Saviour Yah'shua, (Jesus) openly declared that the world, because of Him would HATE us – ’us’ being the church, the called out ones not a specific denominational movement.


“You will be hated by all men for my name's sake, but he who endures to the end will be saved”. (Matthew 10:22)


Yet according to Ashley Evans.  The world, to whom he is appealing, will LOVE us. What is wrong with this picture?


Who is right?  The inerrant word of God or the popular word of apostasy?


It is patently obvious that Ashley and the Paradise Community Club as a whole are deliriously drunk on their own perceived popularity; and what sickens me to my core is their shameless leaching off the success of Guy Sebastian’s secular fame (who also picturesquely features first in the commercial) solely in order to promote themselves. It was my criticism of the Paradise Community Club’s blatant profiteering of Guy’s success for this very reason that forced my resignation from their financial bedfellow Life(less) FM. How utterly sick that one would so shamelessly embrace idolatry in the name of the Messiah. It was my protest of this vile behaviour that caused me to resign from Life(less) FM in contempt. It should be further mentioned that of all the parties concerned, not one of these individuals have bothered to contact me to challenge me according to the Father's Word, but rather hide behind their crepe paper popularity.


For a moment, let’s compare the first century church to this Laodicean age in which the Paradise Community Club is so revered. With the sin of Ananias and Sapphira, and their lying to the Holy Spirit and subsequent, instant death, those outside of the church were too afraid to join for fear of the Lord, and those within were too afraid to leave for the very same reason. Compare that with the ‘Happy – clappy, loopy, liberal Laodiceans of the 21st century, and it is very easy to see that there is no fear of the Lord. To these folk Jesus is little more than a high five, back-slapping, ye-ha, one of the boys as one disgraceful Easter presentation at the Paradise Community Club in which three unsaved people who I invited walked out in disgust. The sad truth is, as my beautiful wife once pointed out, heaven will not be a crowded place.


Ashley Evans and the powers that be of ‘Life(less)’ FM who are in bed with the powers that be of Paradise Community Club, are recipients of every Watchman report that has ever been sent. It must be pointed out that these cowards (what else could they be termed?) have failed on every occasion, to reply, respond or even challenge from the Word of God which they claim to uphold, our claims and questionings.  It beggars the imagination that an organisation that claims to be "Christian" would threaten a broadcaster to retract its financial support, because of the biblical criticisms of its errant behaviour (namely my criticisms).  Call it what you will, to me that is nothing but corrupt!  And is a corruption that has been supported by Life(less) FM because of their spiritual spinelessness.


So to summarise; my humble advice to all is that if you want a light-hearted, feckless night of frivolity void of anything absolute, by all means visit the Paradise Community Club. But if you’re after the truth come out and be separate.



Tony & Pamela Dean


©2007 Moriah Ministries Australia