Child Abuse

We've already seen the vital contribution dads make to the emotional well being of a growing child, now I want to turn to child abuse.

The term is indiscriminately bandied around nowadays and "abuse" seems to be extrapolated according to the philosophies of whoever is defining it. Some say "smacking" a child in discipline is abuse (I don't agree by the way) others say "telling a child off" is abuse. The term has become relative. Abuse, according to the Collins Dictionary is: "to misuse, to mistreat, to corrupt". It's open day on dads in some circles and for all the wrong reasons. I was walking hand in hand with my eldest daughter Kyrie in a shopping mall a few months back when I was insulted by the accusing gaze of a woman whose glare could have melted glass. It was obvious what was going through her sad mind as she looked me up and down and then Kyrie. I was so disgusted that anyone could think such a disgusting thing. The comment "pervert" didn't escape my earshot either. How many dads have to suffer this sickening indignity I wonder - too many I wager.

The following statistics are tragic and just go to show why an urgent review on family values is needed in this country. According to the Abused Child Trust operating out of Queensland, the greatest area of child abuse doesn't come from discipline at all but from neglect. The stats break down this way . . . when it comes to "abuse"

  • 6% is Sexual abuse
  • 24% is Physical abuse
  • 28% is Emotional abuse and
  • 42% is Neglect
  • 94% of abused children in Queensland are harmed by someone they know and trust. In Queensland there has been a 21.3% increase in substantiated child abuse claims from 2000 to 2001. The family types involved in substantiated abuse and neglect break down as follows . . .
  • 6% single male parent families
  • 21% two parent other families - these include defacto and same sex families
  • 24% two parent natural families - namely biological mother and father
  • 42% single female parent families

For Australia as a whole the statistics read this way . . .

  • In 2000/01 there were 115,471 children reported abused or neglected in Australia, an increase of 7.8% over the previous year
  • In 2000/01 there were 27,367 children substantiated as abused or neglected in Australia, an increase of 10.7% over the previous year.
  • One in 170 Australian children under nine years of age is a substantiated victim of abuse and neglect.
  • In a Queensland study, 55% of males convicted of paedophilia report being sexually abused as a child
  • It is estimated that 80 to 85% of women in Australian prisons have been victims of incest or other types of abuse.
  • 64% of female psychiatric in patients had been victims of abuse
  • 44% of male psychiatric in patients had been victims of physical abuse
  • 76% of women and 72% of men with severe mental illness had been abused.
  • It cost South Australian taxpayers $354 million annually do address the issue of child abuse. In the UK British taxpayers spend more than $1.5 billion Australian dollars addressing the issue of child abuse.

All of these statistics and resource references are available online at:

Clearly there's a problem. The family is under attack and precious little kids are the casualties who end up taking their wounds into adult years. Satan's strategy is systematic. . .

Destroy children any way he can. Messed up kids grow into messed up adults. Messed up adults destroy families. When the family is destroyed, society crumbles. Destroy society and you end up with a world without order - one in anarchy.

Our job as believers is to resist the devil and his minions, beginning at home. Are you up to that today?