Daddy Cool

For a long time now dads have been given a bad rap by the feminised media machine, which has labeled them everything from incompetent to redundant. You see the spiteful denigration of men everywhere often dressed up in inept comedies on the idiot box, the unpalatable offerings Helliwood spews out and the skewed research findings of persons with vested interests and agendas. So it was with some relief that I came across an article written by a female doctor "Dr. Rosie King" concerning the vital role dads play in the upbringing of their children.

Dr. King points out that prior to the industrial revolution fathers played a pivotal role in raising kids. Dads would incorporate their work with educating their children in a much closer knit society than we see today, one whose foundations have been critically undermined by the onset and propagation of feminist postulation's. With the onset of the industrial revolution dads moved away from their families into factories and their influence lessened substantially. Dr King points out that this led to the marginalisation and devaluing of the father role in the family and gave rise to damaging myths about fathering.

Myth #1 MOTHERS ARE NATURALLY MORE CARING PARENTS THAN FATHERS. Not true. The capacity to love and nurture children, says Dr. King, is not solely a female trait. In fact research has found that dads are every bit as sensitive to their baby's signals, and while they may not express that sensitivity in the same way as mum, they are just as competent of meeting their child's needs.

Myth #2 FATHERS ARE BETTER WITH OLDER CHILDREN THAN THEY ARE WITH BABIES. Ah uh! Dr. King says that fathers are just as excited about their newborns and bond with them at the same rate as mums. She says, Research confirms that a dad's hormones change with the birth of his baby. Dr. King goes on to say, Not only are father's equal to mothers when it comes to talking to and kissing their little ones, but it has been found that fathers tend to rock babies and touch them more than mothers do.

And finally Myth #3 (one the collective media sees determined to ignore) HAVING A LOVING MUM IS ENOUGH. This is a dangerous delusion. And please, no dispersions on single mums, being forced to raise children on your own is the hardest job of all - one God NEVER intended, so it should NEVER be made the acceptable norm. The statistics don't lie, research from the US clearly shows that kids from fatherless homes are twice as likely to drop out of school, twice as likely to end up in jail and four times as likely to need help for emotional and behavioral problems. In addition to that 90 percent of homeless children or runaways are from fatherless homes, 71 percent of pregnant teenagers lack a father and 63 percent of youth suicides are from homes without a dad. A warm, nurturing relationship with their father helps a child to develop autonomy, independence, achievement, creativity and intellectual development says Dr. King. During teen years, kids who don't feel accepted and loved by their dads are more likely to feel insecure, unattractive and untrusting with the opposite sex. Research shows those children whose fathers have long periods away from the family are less popular with their classmates and enjoy their friendships less. Dr. King concludes by saying, The best predictor of empathy (the ability to understand other people's feelings) in adults is the amount of time people spent with their dads in childhood.

So far from being the redundant buffoons the social engineers would have us believe, fathers play a critical and pivotal role in the rearing of children. The Good Book says in Malachi 4:6 that God will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else He will come and strike the land with a curse. The earth is cursed when a father does not occupy his correct and ordained place in the home and the hearts of his children. Little wonder why Satan is trying to usurp that. Time we turned that around eh?

(Excerpts taken from an article entitled: "Daddy Cool" by Dr. Rosie King - printed in Woman's Day - December 17, 2001 - Pgs 49-50)