Decision, Decisions


Not wanting to state the obvious but the world is on the brink. As I speak humanity teeters on the brink of a thermonuclear holocaust all thanks to someone's single decision. Mankind tiptoes on the precipice of its own existence really and to be realistic, all the peace protest rallies mankind has ever staged doesn't stand a snowballs chance in hell of turning this one around (if you'll pardon the expression).

It has nothing to do with the seemingly contemptuous and belligerent attitude of the Saddam Hussein regime. It has nothing to do with the ambitions and deadly determination of the United States of America and her allies driven to rid the world of what it considers a threat to the continuation of humanity. It has nothing to do with North Korea and its latest muscle flexing exercises threatening to launch a pre-emptive strike against the United States.

It all has to do with one decision made by someone. Just one decision is responsible for all the suffering and poverty and sorrow and hatred and pestilence and murder and war. Just one decision made by someone is responsible for this world right now, standing on the brink of an unimaginable obliteration of precious life. Just one decision by someone and that someone was . . . Eve, closely followed by her husband Adam - our parents.

That decision effectively planted a tree of rebellion in the fertile soil of time and now just look at the fruit hanging from its branches. Just take a look. Let it sink in.

The world stands on the brink, not because of Saddam Hussein, not because of the United States or Australia or Britain or Korea or any other nation for that matter. This is not about nations - it's about sin - the consequences of one, solitary decision - ONE SOLITARY DECISION. And I'm sorry to burst the bubble on what appears to be the "Christian" thing to do, but all the prayers or marches or rallies for global peace are not going to be answered in this or any other conflict. Read your Bible, it's going to happen. And hear this well, and this comes from the pages of God's Word - THERE WILL BE NO PEACE UNTIL THE PRINCE OF PEACE JESUS CHRIST RETURNS - NO PEACE!

And even when Jesus does return to rule and reign the nations of the Earth with His saints, He won't be doing it with the tail feather of a gentle dove. The Scriptures say He'll do it with a Rod of Iron. There'll be no wishy, washy, mamby pamby committees in His government. His rule will be firm and uncompromising and righteous and beyond reproach. A government such as this world has NEVER known.

One decision brought about all the sorrow this world has ever known in it's six thousand odd year tarriance on a planet we have called home. One decision sent a savior to this planet to bring the gift of redemption and restoration and peace. And one decision ON YOUR PART can receive that gift from God today and all you have to do is ask. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK.

Pray for global peace you'll be wasting your breath, on the other hand pray for salvation for both yourself and those around you and you'll be heard by the One who can turn your precipice into a ladder home.

Think about it