The author of fear is not the God of heaven, but the devil. The Good Book says that perfect love drives out all fear because fear has torment (1 John 4:18). Now I don't want to give too much air time to Mr. Sin Laden but I guess what disturbs me most about the anthrax scare in the United States and around the rest of the world, is not so much the threat of biological warfare, but the perceived threat of biological warfare. Now what I mean by this is the effectiveness of the hysteria generated by a perceived threat. If you think about it the terrorists had two options, Firstly they could have launched a large-scale biological attack in a concentrated area, but what they chose to do (and very effectively I might add) was to initiate smaller and sporadic outbreaks in diverse places and then sit back and watch the population self-destruct by the paranoia that the unknown factor generates.

We've seen the same thing here in Australia as well with the incidence of hoax anthrax scares. One hoax is followed by another, is followed by another and the panic that's generated from these hoaxes is just as effective if not more effective, than a real attack. It's the unknown factor, the unseen factor that fuels this unnecessary fear. This is exactly how the devil and his followers work. Like the cowards they are, they lurk in, and attack from the shadows. When I was a little boy my nanna use to tell me of the nightly German air raids in London during WWII. She told me of the deftly silence that followed the sound of the doodle bugs (as they were called), they were bombs that when dropped from a plane would whistle all the way to the ground. She told me that while they could hear the bombs whistling they was safe, it was when the whistling stopped they all held their breaths in fear of not knowing where the bomb would explode.

What is happening here with the biological weapons threat is simply the wolf charging at the flock. He panics them into dispersing and then picks them off one by one. He knows their unified numbers are too great for him to gain a victory so he injects the element of fear into the mix to undo the cohesion. Panic follows and the wolf's objective is attained.

In the Good Book, God goes to great pains to encourage us to Fear Not. In fact the phrase Fear Not is mentioned some 72 times in the King James version from Genesis through to Revelation. God is obviously keen for us to be fear free. It's not God's will that His creation be bound up in fear.

You know when I think about the devil and his own, people like Osama Bin Laden, I picture the wizard in the Wizard of Oz. I see a little creature with a big megaphone, and his servants, little men, cowardly little men, lurking in the shadows feeding off fear. So it follows that the best way to gain some ascendancy over the terrorists is to deny them their food, to refuse to be fearful, to draw near to God who is perfect love, who is the One who casts out all fear and the torment the goes along with it.

To be fear free we all need to draw near to the source of peace - and He is - Jesus Christ.