Feigned Piety

C. L. Paddock tells of a certain church member who lived in a home like a palace, had large holdings in real estate, and a good-sized bank account, and who was accustomed to worship with his family each morning as they began the day. He usually read a portion of Scripture, and then prayed fervently and earnestly for the poor and needy in his neighborhood, in the community, and in parts far removed from his home. He prayed for other things, of course, but the burden of his prayer each morning was for those in need.

Enjoying every comfort himself however, he did nothing to help those in need who lived nearby. One morning after he had offered the usual prayer for the destitute and the poor, his young son said to him, "Dad, I wish I had your abattoir."

"What in the world would you do with my abattoir?" the father asked.

The boy answered, "If I had all the "bull" you have, Dad, I would answer some of your prayers myself."

Years ago I saw a news report from a town where there had been a large earthquake, killing many people. I remember seeing a man sitting in the rubble of what used to be his home, covered with blood and dust, weeping pitifully. It seems the man's wife and children had been crushed to death as the house collapsed on them.

Just then a notable religious figure in all his pomp, and flanked by his kind approached the man and stopped. He placed his hand on the man's head, said, "Bless you my child" then walked on - that was it! What use was that? Tell me, what good did that do? There was a man sitting on top of the rubble of what used to be his life and the only comfort he was offered by an supposed "man of God" was "Bless you my child"??? Feigned Piety, worthless, useless, Godless nonsense!

As followers of the Messiah, true believers are to meet the need of those in need, not merely offer up pleasant sounding religious platitudes. If it's in your wherewithal, GIVE IT, DO it, don't TALK IT. And don't wait for someone else to do it, because they probably won't - this is YOUR opportunity to practice what you preach - your time to shine. Praying the Heavenly Father will meet someone's need when it's within your ability to do so is like seeing someone beaten up on the side of the road but crossing over to the other side because it's "not your problem", and then asking God to send someone to their rescue. Seems I've heard that one somewhere before like Luke 10:30.

Come on, if you've got it and someone else desperately needs it GIVE IT! Isn't that the heart of the Gospel? Well? Isn't it??? Imagine if the Messiah had "crossed the road" when he saw you lying in it saying something stupid like, "Father, meet their need", you can hear the same voice booming from Heaven can't you? . . . "I did, but apparently it's not your problem!"

Thankfully He didn't! Hopefully you won't.