A man out walking comes across another man jumping up and down on a man-hole cover, yelling "77! 77! 77!" over & over.

"Excuse me," the first man asks. "But why are you jumping up & down on a man-hole cover, yelling "77! 77! 77!?"

"Well," he replied. "If you really want to know, why not go down the man-hole and see for yourself?"

So he lifts off the cover, and the man went down the man-hole. As soon as he did, he threw the cover back on the man-hole, and resumed jumping up & down on it, yelling "78! 78! 78!"

Some people will fall for anything; quite often that's because they don't stand for anything! That's why the Good Book demands we study to show ourselves approved.

Too many people just accept what they're told without verifying it themselves and more often than not that gets a whole stack of people into a whole stack of trouble. I've said it so many times before, relying on someone else's academia might save you all the time and trouble of personal study but the end result will be a shallow faith. Just because it's always been that way doesn't necessarily follow that it's right. The sheer plethora of cults running rampant in the world today is testimony to that!

It is imperative in matters of the soul that you weigh up any given teaching against the inerrant truth contained in God's Word, and if it doesn't line up, no matter how nice it sounds, no matter how logical, no matter how popular, no matter how widely received, no matter who says it you must chuck it out because a lie never leads to the truth. The Bible declares that Satan is capable of deceiving the whole world. Have you ever considered the dynamics of that? That's quite ambitious. There are over 7 billion people on this little blue planet. I reckon old slew foot is able to achieve such large-scale deception because of at least three things . . .

1.      People just accept what they're taught without question or critique.

2.      People refuse to embrace the love of the truth and as a consequence receive a lie.

3.      People know that embracing the truth often means they have to change, and that's too hard.

What do you call a gullible Christian? Answer: A sheep in sheep’s clothing.

Sadly too many professing believers leave it to their Pastor or Priest to feed them from God's Word once or twice a week. You wouldn't let your body wait that long for a feed would you?

Study yourself - then you might be able to show some ‘preachers’ a thing or two.