2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 and verse 7 speaks of a prevailing attitude in these last days - one referred to as "Lawlessness". The word translated "Lawlessness" means "contempt and violation of the prevailing law". It refers to individuals who know the law (that which is prevailing and accepted in a particular culture), but who deliberately chooses to violate that law based on what they perceive to be their own "over-riding" philosophies or even religious ideologies.


Personally, and I stress this is my personal opinion, not necessarily that of this station, but I believe with effort a multi racial society can work but I don't believe multi culturalism can. There's a huge difference between the two. Our present society is one in which some people appear to delight in flaunting laws because of what appears to be their contempt for those who uphold standards contrary to their own, and then have the audacity to hide behind all manner of veils, ethnicity, cultural difference, religious diversity and such like so as to justify any violations. At its root lawlessness stems from theistic rebellion - namely rebellion against God - a subsequent refusal to obey the law of the land and hence all manner of self-righteous justification flows forth from that.


Lawlessness is the visible evidence of the sin nature of mankind. No one is above the law. So to claim an exemption based on one's standing or perceived standing or even philosophical beliefs held in a given society, is to hold that society, its people and its laws in contempt. Such a person assumes a position outside of the grace of God and walks willingly in lawlessness. Sound like a lawyer now donít I - sorry.


All communities function harmoniously according to the guidelines established and maintained by governing bodies. Those guidelines are known as laws. Without laws there is anarchy or as it is known Biblically - "Lawlessness". The bible says that God puts governments in place so to rebel against a government and its laws is to rebel against God Himself. When individuals or groups operate outside of civil guidelines they are operating in what the Bible defines as Lawlessness and lawlessness is Biblically equated with Satanism. I know it's popular to say things like "Well, I don't agree with your point of view - your government - your laws - your beliefs and therefore your God; so in the name of my god (who is myself basically) I choose to do as I wish." This, by definition is lawlessness and this by definition is serving Satan. Ultimately this attitude, the spirit that inspires it and those who serve it will be utterly consumed.


By all means stand up for a cause. But if that cause is in direct violation of God's model of civil structure then expect the consequences. In a nut shell, do the crime - do the time.