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Jan 11, 2010

By way of introduction, I have a small patch of garden in my care at home, one from which I have learned many valuable lessons. Like, for example, the cunning pervasiveness of weeds. I found some such hiding underneath the foliage of one of the plants in my little patch of dirt, sucking out its nutrients and slowly killing it. The thing is that weeds look the same as real plants from a distance, all breathe in the same carbon dioxide, all photosynthesise, all have their own peculiar kind of beauty, and yet weeds are really only clearly identifiable when one has the inclination to take the time to look close enough in order to examine them in detail. The particular hiding weed in question (a sour sob) eventually produces a beautiful, and very much appealing yellow flower, but from its stem to its root its taste is bitter. Weeds are prolific and often grow higher and wider than non weeds, frequently suffocating and killing them with their expanse. The lesson to be learned here is that no matter how appealing, how alluring, how brightly coloured or how prolific a thing may be, or wherever it may be hiding under the canopy of the genuine, it could still very well be a weed - perhaps even of a noxious variety.

Now, with that analogy as a pictorial, may I present the following...

It is no secret that one can read volumes about a person simply by perusing their photo album or by gazing upon the pictures adorning the walls in their home. This is so because both are an explicit revelation of what is truly precious to a person. To this end, welcome to otherwise known as the Shrine of the Terminal Narcissist. A cursory browse through their Gallery section reveals precisely what is most important to Ashley and Jane Evans, and that is... themselves!

But before we engage therein, something needs to be said, and I need for it to be clearly understood... Contrary to the opinion of those who clearly do not know me, it is actually quite difficult [for me] to look upon, not only how far Ashley and Jane have both fallen in terms of foundational Christian truth, but to witness the unashamed celebration with which they have done so. Ashley was the youth pastor at what was once the Paradise Assembly of God when I first surrendered my life to the Lord in 1987. He and Jane came into my home and prayed with me, my children went to school with his children and played and ministered together. So to witness Ashley and Jane's wholesale mud slide into apostasy is not at all easy to endure let alone to report on. Yet report on it I must for the sake of the thousands they are unwittingly or knowingly leading astray. And please know also that what applies to Ashley and Jane's behaviour also extends to a large portion of the professing Church's leadership. To some we may appear fixated on Ashley and Jane Evans and their compromising 'church', I can only assure you that is not the case. It is merely where we have been directed to look at this time and place. For the record, I take no joy in exposing blatant error any more than I take joy in seeing trusting people led astray - in fact the latter infuriates me! The reality is that Ashley is being used instrumentally by the enemy to corrupt folk by importing celebrated heretics into the camp, and as an instrumental force he needs to be exposed. For many years the warnings have been given behind closed doors but now, because they have been 'talk to the hand' pushed aside, they are now out in the open for all to see.

Those who sin, rebuke before all, so that the rest also may fear. (1 Timothy 5:20)

Someone once said to me concerning Ashley and Jane that they are 'either liars and they know it, or that they are cowards and they don't'. I don't know that I would go that far, but one thing is painfully obvious, Ashley and Jane Evans, along with hundreds of others revolving in a similar ecclesiae-ecliptic orbit, appear to be so consumed with their personal selves that it is actually quite nauseating to look upon.

As my dad often said, 'Give someone enough rope and they will eventually hang themselves.' Ashley and Jane's own website actually provides enough rope for a mass lynching. Packed to the rafters with dodgy devotionals, devilish doctrines and VISA accessibility it goes from the heretical to the absolutely hysterical (in a very unfunny kind of way), as you will see. And remember, this man, four years my junior, is sadly one of the most prominent voices in the Australian 'Christian' church today - proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that apostasy is in full and unashamed swing here Down Under.

From Ashley's devotion 'Being Visionless is a Death Sentence' dated November 26, 2009 he writes:

"Without a vision for your marriage, it's just hard work and without a vision for God's plan for your life, cynicism, negativity, Isolation occupy your mind and your time."

Like others who demand no accountability for their unbiblical rantings, and while taking a veiled, cheap shot at those who have had the unmitigated gall to question his 'wisdom', Evans artfully weaves his patent half truths and misguided philosophical assumptions around God's immutable Holy Word, in much the same manner as does a chrome plater embellishing sterile plastic. Now, I am quite confidant that Ashley actually believes the musings exiting his cranial cavity, but that doesn't make him right. And so I challenge you Ashley [as I have done for over 10 years], or anyone embracing his daisy chain logic for that matter, to qualify the above claim from Scripture. Just one in context verse will suffice. [See our Counter below] The obvious and inconvenient reality is that Ashley is partially quoting Proverbs 29:18 - and partially quoting scripture is what 'screechers' like Ashley Evans and his compatriots, who likewise misunderstand the translation and intention of this and other verses, do with disturbing ease. The verse in its entirety reads:

"Where there is no vision, the people perish; but he who keeps the law, he is blessed".

We've all heard the line haven't we...'Unless you follow this churchs' vision you will surely perish'. Well... time for a long overdue reality check.

The Latin Vulgate renders this verse: "Whan prophecye schal failen, the peple schal ben to scatered".

The true rendering of this verse is therefore: "When prophecy shall fail [that is, when the prophets cease in their prophesies], the people shall be scattered, but blessed are they who hear the Word of God and keep it". The emphasis is not on the prophesy or the 'vision' as other translations render it, but on the obedience to God's Word. These, [those who hear the Word of God and KEEP it] are those whose faith is in that established Word and not in the movement popular de jour.

Adam Clarke's commentary on the Bible states:

"Where Divine revelation, and the faithful preaching of the sacred testimonies, are neither referenced nor attended, the ruin of that land is at no great distance. But he that keepeth the law, happy is he - Go how it may with others, he shall be safe. So our Lord: “Blessed are they who hear the word of God, and keep it.”

As you can clearly see, this is galaxies away from Ashley's faulty, self-seeking rendering of this often misquoted portion of Scripture.

The ministry of the Prophet in this final age is not the predicting of the future, nor is it so much in the ex cathedra issuing of warnings of imminent doom brought about by personal and national sin as was the prevailing trend of the Prophets prior to Christ's incarnation - hear me out now. The ministry of the Prophet in this final age is not the announcement to a gathering of thousands that "someone here today has a headache and God wants to heal it". The office of the Prophet in these last days is the correct division [exegesis] and proclamation of the Word of God as already contained within the 66 books we know as the Holy Bible. There is no support whatsoever for the notion of 'new revelations' contrary to Evan's mistaken fascination. Surely one considered to be so wise by so many is able to comprehend such a simple truth? But then that is the curious thing about human wisdom is it not?... The wiser one claims to be, the more foolish they reveal themselves to be. (Romans 1:22)

You know, it occurs to me that wisdom is much like the sun appearing through a breaking cloud. We catch a glimpse of its majesty realising it is so much bigger than ourselves, so much more infinite than we can possibly comprehend. And what do we do in our ignorant arrogance? We claim it as our own... "See that sun" we boast... "I did that... see?... That is my discovery... see how wise I am..."

And guess what happens? The clouds roll back and the sun is gone taking our 'glory' with it. The glory is HIS ladies and gentlemen, we truly do not have a clue! The quickest way to kill wisdom is to claim we birthed it. As the Word declares...

"Professing themselves to be wise they became fools" (Romans 1:22)

Does Ashley Evans consider himself to be wise? - Does a one legged duck swim in circles?


Later in his 'devotion' and speaking of his church, Evans inadvertently reveals his New-Age, Dominionist allegiance by insisting:

"Above all we are a church with a vision that through our gifts and talents and our resources, that we will individually win people to Christ and influence our friends and workplaces and families into a connection with Jesus. Together we will then influence our community our city and our world. That is a powerful thing!"

First we take Manhattan then we take Berlin... Yeah like fully to the max... peakin' That is also a ridiculous thing Mr. Evans! How far you have strayed from the truth. Firstly, the Heavenly Father does not need our gifts or talents or resources to reach the lost with His gospel. His only requirement is that we preach the Gospel of the Kingdom in somber humility, in reverence and in His strength not our own. He does not require a silver tongue but rather a humble heart, one which considers itself unworthy of the call. Have you truly considered the gravity of that call friend? Have you considered what is truly at stake in its proclamation? His Gospel, as opposed to Ashley's is: Repent of your sins and be saved, for Yahshua alone, whose name literally means God is Salvation' - [Yah: God - Shua: Salvation], has paid the price once and for all, and He alone - He ALONE folks, can bring about the redemption we need to enter into His rest. Believers, no matter how well intentioned are incapable of winning anyone to Christ - that is the task of the Holy Spirit alone who draws the sinner to repentance via the preaching of the Word and not through the pandering to the sinner's selfish and fickle, felt needs. This kind of 'giddy self aggrandising, on par with the Holy God who is my buddy' attitude is typical of delusional, hyper charismatic devotees, as is the New-Age dribble that invites the 'seeker' (of which there are none) not to repentance, but to 'make a connection' or to 'plug-in to Jesus' as if he were a kind of power source one may access at their whim in order to feed their insatiable self indulgence. Nowhere in Scripture are believers called to influence their community or city or world. Believers are to live righteously in obedience to the Word and as they do, glory is apportioned to the Saviour and to the Saviour alone. Believers are not in any sense invited to bask in such glory as Evans appears to believe. Disciples of Christ are also not called to take Dominion over a fallen world and somehow Christianise it before the Messiah returns. Evan's Dominionist theology which is embraced by most if not all within the Australian Christian Church camp is not only ridiculous it is outright heresy. As we have often stated, God does not need us, we need Him - something which appears to have completely eluded Mr. Evans and his Armani associates.

Evan's 'vision' devotional mentions nothing of obedience to God's Word as the Scripture he misuses clearly states, nor of the true gospel, but rather focuses on the occult concept of plugging into the power and using it to get whatever we want out of this world - in His name of course, treating the Lord of hosts as some kind of celestial vending machine for the appeasement of our temporal and ever unsatisfied lusts. Folks, Evan's hype is not just generationally relative hip talk, it is outright apostate nonsense.

Added to his milk toast sermonettes which, incidentally produce Christianettes, Evan's english skills appear to be very much on par with that of a five-year-old as his following Twitter entries clearly reveal. And just on that, to me, Twitter engagement is like personalised number plates... vanity in print... And given that Evans only 'tweets' with his upper echelon clique while his adoring followers look on, only adds to the complete 'bow down and kiss my visionary feet' arrogance involved. Notice also the pitiful grammar in the network marketing pearls he offers and the use of infantile SMS language in the following...

  • creflo dollar is coming to Influences 2010 perth and adelaide... (This individual is presently under investigation by the United States Internal Revenue Service for refusing to disclose his income which is reported to be in the tens of millions of dollars annually. As if his name were not enough of a dead give away - how gullible some people truly are - Ed)
  • sitting listening to mal fletcher quote facebook is so last century... (Yeah, like fully dude! - Ed)
  • jane and i r sitting enjoying having tea with Joseph and Wendy Prince...  (Two of the latest kids on the charismatic block - Ed)
  • listening to danny speak @ edge comf last night... (About??? - Ed)
  • sitting on the murray river in a houseboat with state exec... (roughing it for the cause eh Ash? - Ed)
  • The sa youth alive r awesome... (No... God is awesome... the sa youth alive are just loud - Ed)
  • what an incredible morning project 1800 is going to go off... (like most of what you do Ashley it will be completely off)
  • your future achievements r determined by whether u connect with someone else in partnership... (what absolute Rick Warren / Purpose Driven / Socialist Garbage! ... M8 - Ed)
  • our capacity to fulfil god's plan for our lives is found in the people we partner with... (*sigh* - more of the same - Ed)
  • without a vision the people don't just perish they go to another parish... (more tomb polishing, self aggrandising, we are soooo much better than anyone else, adding to the Word of God junk! - Ed)
  • i want to live grand not bland dream grand talk grand love grand... (not to mention the many 'grands' in the bank eh? 'Grand' simply means big, therefore he wants to live big, dream big, talk big, and love big. Well, he has the talk big mastered at least. Such a contrite soul brimming with humility... NOT  - Ed)
  • there is a seismic shift going on all over the world. positioning yourself to be in the right place at the right time is very important... (not surprisingly New Agers all over the world are saying precisely the same thing - Ed)
  • just watched bill hybels on volunteers. i love people who serve... (I bet you do! More cash stays in the kitty that way and assists Rick Warren's Communist vision of 2 billion unpaid volunteers serving a unified global society - Ed)
  • loving life with my friends... (how about your enemies? Ed)
  • if the prize is right, the price is light... (Wha?? How does Salvation fit into this equation - the price is light? - Delusional! - Ed)

And there are dozens and dozens more 'tweets' - to and from other 'pastors', 'visionaries' and 'important, influential others' for the benefit of the plebs sheltered 'neath the shadow of their awesome coverings, in a kind of elitist ether - focusing on Ashley and Jane's influential friends, boastings of their sojourns in high-class hotels, the eating of expensive food and vacationing in tropical paradises for 'missions training', all uploaded on their $1000 i-phones and other such like, church funded designer gadgetry, procuring facials, full body massages and other purpose driven pamperings - in the name of the kingdom of course! And for all of Evan's self adulating 'tweets', there only appear to be two that credit 'God' specifically - which, in reflection, is really not all that surprising... -

  • gee life is good great God a great family a great church what could be better... (Surrendering your 'visionary' life to the One who laid down His own for your sins - both past and ongoing? You might want to consider that one Ashley - Ed)
  • got up early today had a very intense conversation with God. while im grateful for all you do Lord, i want to see more sick people healed... (Oh yes, so they can grow old and die. Or perhaps so that more names might be added to your bio-brag list? - Ed)

Do I sound cynical? Do you have a clue why? is nothing short of an egotistical collage of ceaseless cyber boasting, not only of themselves, but also their 'church' and their 'influential friends and associates'. They boast of Guy Sebastian's rise to secular stardom and have no shame in taking no small amount of credit for it. The blurb reads...

"... What an amazing community the contemporary church is. An example of this is that in 2003 one Paradises worship leaders guy Sebastian became the inaugural winner of Australian idol." (Their spelling errors not mine)

Indeed he did, and not without a lot of unethical help from his friends. Frenzied (and I do mean frenzied folks) SMS votes were submitted by professing Christians from within the Paradise Community collective assuring Sebastian's win. So it was an utterly disgraceful exercise in the preferential at the very, very least and an unashamed engagement in idolatry at the evil most. All the while Ashley and his church, in typical parasitic fashion, garnered coveted media mileage, completely ignoring the fact that they were wholly engaged in what has for eons been part of what the Bible calls SIN. Evans was very quick to bask with Sebastian in the limelight and take credit for his 'Idol success ' - this great evangelistic hope for the Charismatic Church who was always quite IDLE in the quest. And we are surprised how? Quick to share Sebastian's 15 minutes of fame Evans has been conspicuously silent concerning Sebastian's subsequent remarks concerning homosexuality, (where he expressed that he did not think it was fair that homosexuals could not marry one another), his review of the Patrick Swayze / Demi Moore movie Ghost on Bert Newton's 20 to 1, where he described the scene in which Swayze and Moore were effectively masturbating a clay pot as 'Sexy', and his full upper arm tattoo of Satan in the form of a Phoenix. No Ashley Evans to be seen or heard - Why? No mileage, no answer, no clue! Evans and his 'church' are clearly a collective of person respecters, where the movers and shakers are elevated in reverence above the faithful and the godly.

On his site and speaking of his church in a portion entitled 'Our Vision', Evans reveals his empire building obsession and his drive to get people 'connected to God' rather than calling on them to repent and be saved.

And then there is the use of occult symbols in their literature and the corresponding removal of traditional Christian symbols so as to not offend those whose behaviour is an offence to God. In an interview following Sebastian's rise to Idol the following was stated:

"Back in the 1980s there were still Christian symbols such as the cross at Paradise church, but as part of its efforts to broaden its appeal all such Christian symbols have been removed. Today the church bars the media from recording any practices that may seem strange to outsiders, arguing they are not part of its marketing image."

How trimmest you your way to seek love! Therefore even the wicked women have you taught your ways. Also in your skirts is found the blood of the souls of the innocent poor: you did not find them breaking in; but it is because of all these things. Yet you said, I am innocent; surely his anger is turned away from me. Behold, I will enter into judgment with you, because you say, I have not sinned. Why go you about so much to change your way? You shall be ashamed of Egypt also, as you were ashamed of Ashur. From there also shall you go forth, with your hands on your head: for the LORD has rejected those in whom you trust, and you shall not prosper with them.  (Jeremiah 2:33-37)

Responding to questions as to why this was the case Evans said:

"I suppose foremost in our minds is the desire not to create obstacles and I think symbols are just, could be seen as one, but only one of a number of things that maybe prevent people from coming in and actually hearing the message of Christ for themselves. It's important to make sure that they are not diverted, on the air, on their journey. So they are able to come in and make an informed decision based on the truth of the message, rather than on the things that are, you know, the package around the message."

Wha??? What a completely bizarre vial of verbiage! Not create obstacles? Obstacles like say, the taking up of the CROSS?, or Repentance?, or Surrender?, or Holiness? Oh yes, we must spare these precious little darlings any offence - God forbid that they might be called to look upon their sinful nature as something vile. After all that might damage their precious self esteem and... eek.. might even lead them to think they might need someone beyond their own egotistical self.

"Not divert them from the truth of the message by the packaging?" You have GOT to be kidding! The Paradise Community Church, like so many modeling after them are ALL ABOUT the packaging, all storefront and no warehouse! Their message is very much like fairy floss (cotton candy) quickly delivered in a carnival atmosphere, cheap, brightly coloured, promising much but delivering precious little. It is what we refer to as Ashley's Warehouse Gospel - The Paradise Assembly Line of God. Cram 'em in, appeal to their sensuous nature, take 'em on an emotional rollercoaster using whatever mind manipulation gimmick one can conjure, get them to raise their hand and make a commitment to something in the mist, walk an aisle, then take them out the back and somehow explain to them what they've done. Because whether they realise it or not, Evan's gaggle do not trust the Holy Spirit to do a work of redemption in the sinner's seat. But then how could He when the true gospel is NOT being preached? Theirs is a counterfeit gospel, a wholesale appealing to the flesh - a doctrine of temporal rewards.

And the sinner responds: "Jesus loves me? WOW, so do I - He wants to bless me, WOW so do I - He has an awesome plan for my self inflated life - Kewl - so do I...Costs me nothing? Awesome... I can have my cake and choke on it too...Radical... sign me up... ".

To the undiscerning Evan's 'gospel' looks like the real thing, gives one bragging rights, comes at no cost compared to the genuine article, save the expected weekly tithe, and why? Because it is worthless, it is a copy, a counterfeit. The true cost of following Christ is not personal reward but personal sacrifice. Genuine disciples of Christ are called to take up their cross not their credit card!

According to Ashley's own biography, he has, among other deifying 'giftings', the ability to 'provide solutions to people's problems.' Everyone's but mine that is, not to mention the hundreds of genuine God fearing folk who have left his church in complete disillusionment. Now with your own TV show Dr. Ash - how's that workin' for ya?

He claims to speak at some of the world's most influential Christian forums. So what?! Sooooooo what! I've spoken at some of the world's largest fast food counters, admittedly only to order a meal, but that does not make me a credible testimony to 'Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onion on a sesame seed bun.' But you see to Ashley size really is important. He is only about the big, the brassy, the bold and the bodacious - just like the whore of Proverbs, you know? Again, after 10 plus years without reply, we offer Ashley, a recipient of this report, yet another opportunity to demonstrate to us and to his fans our doctrinal error just as we have elaborated on his - a fundamental Christian duty..

It has been the observation of those in contact with us over the years that Ashley's biography, contained on his various websites, does nothing to glorify God - not even remotely. Rather it glorifies only Ashley and his accomplishments. It is one sentence after another about all he has achieved at Paradise and throughout the world. It does not glorify God for the many gifts and talents Ashley and his church claim he has. In fact God hardly even get a mention. It is like He doesn't exist within Ashley's church, or at least is paled into some kind of insignificance because of the unpopular and unpalatable nature of the truth of His Gospel, and the imperative need for we who think more highly of ourselves than we ought, to lift our plump rumps off the throne of our own lives, humble ourselves and receive it before the offer expires.

Ashley's bio however does speak an element of truth in as much as that it proclaims his eminence in building his church all by himself with his 'vision' and 'gifts' and 'talents' and 'wisdom'. Who needs God with such credentials eh? The truth is that God would never have let His church become what Paradise has become. As we all know, except the Paradisians of course, God is not the instigator of their strange doctrines and endless entertainments. Ashley boasts of his church's popularity in a secular society, oblivious to the irony of such a self adulating flattery. How difficult is it to understand Ashley, that the world accepts, embraces and loves its own? Your church mirrors nothing of the purity, solitude, silence and surrender of the true bride of Christ. Unlike your church Ashley, the true bride of Christ is humble, lowly, self-effacing, waiting quietly and longingly without fanfare for the return of her Husband. As the moon is the lesser light in the darkness of this world, the true bride of Christ, having no light of her own save His righteousness imparted,  reflects the greater light of the Son. Unlike your church Ashley the true Bride does not draw attention to herself but to her husband. It has always been the whore who cries out to passers by: "look at me, look at me, look at me"... Your church is loud, gaudy, garish, pompous and arrogant, pathetically pandering to the enemies of God.

My son, keep your father's commandment, and don't forsake your mother's teaching. Bind them continually on your heart. Tie them around your neck. When you walk, it will lead you. When you sleep, it will watch over you. When you awake, it will talk with you. For the commandment is a lamp, and the law is light. Reproofs of instruction are the way of life, to keep you from the immoral woman, from the flattery of the wayward wife's tongue. Don't lust after her beauty in your heart, neither let her captivate you with her eyelids. For a prostitute reduces you to a piece of bread. The adulteress hunts for your precious life. (Proverbs 6:20-26) Emphasis mine

Ashley's deception goes back to the Garden. There, when the woman saw that the tree of knowledge of good and evil was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise, she took of its fruit, and ate; and she gave some to her husband with her, and he ate. (Genesis 3:6)

When Eve was tempted by Satan she saw...

  • That it was good for food (Lust of the Flesh)
  • Was a delight to the eyes (Lust of the Eyes)
  • Was desirous for knowledge and to make one wise. (The Pride of Life)

The original sin - willful disobedience, the bowing down to the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life - all sin, is what Ashley Evans (along with his contemporaries within the Australian Christian Churches), use to advertise his / their church(es) in a secular marketplace -  where the church is the discount chain and Jesus is the product. Who cannot see that this 'church' and those like them are not of God?

So in closing, apart from the expected capacious doctrinal departures, and the elite company of those with whom they associate, what we found most disturbing about is the asinine expressions of 'hip-ness' and, as pointed out earlier, what appears to be the almost narcissistic self absorption displayed in their gallery.

It is almost as if one were heading into an early onset of dementia so as to offset it by attempting to be a child. It's not a good look Ashley. Has anyone told you lately... You're NAKED... and more importantly... you're LOST!

Repent while there is still time!  What will it profit you to gain the whole world, including its adulation and cash and yet lose your soul Ashley?

Never thought that would apply to you? Above the rest of us are you?  - C'mon fella.. get a clue.. Time is running out!

In His Everlasting Embrace,

Tony Dean

Moriah Ministries Australia
© 2010

For if a man thinks himself to be something when he is nothing, he deceives himself. (Galatians 6:3)

He who speaks of himself seeks his own glory, but he who seeks the glory of Him who sent Him is true, and no unrighteousness is in Him. (John 7:18)

"If I bear witness of myself my witness is not true." (John 5:31)
Humility Personified - Look at me ... Ashley Evans
Humility Personified - Look at me ... Jane Evans
With so much happening there about, and with barely a moment to record its often jaw dropping diversity, about what shall we report at this juncture? ...

  • Perhaps how, in a beautiful display of majesty, the Creator of this beautiful planet turned a dust bowl into a flood plain after carrying His waters deep inland to quench a thirsty earth through the auspice of cyclone Laurence?
  • Maybe the Copenhagen Coverup where the vanquished regroup and plan their next advance, probably in the form of a global financial crash or perhaps a Mexican climate standoff to remind those who think they have a hand on the oar that they who have the gold make the rules?
  • Perhaps the incredible ridiculii (a multiple of rediculouses) of 'progressive christianity's' ever seeking the next gimmick, stunt or sideshow to attract the 'consumer' to 'plug in' to' their 'product'? An unbelievable gem concerning a billboard in New Zealand depicting Mary and Joseph's marital consummation, the dissatisfaction upon her face and a caption below which read, "Poor Joseph. God was a hard act to follow." Pagan revelry in a pagan high season? Oh no friend, this is a 'Christian' church's idea of clever evangelism - doing whatever it takes you know.... Benevolently the 'slogan' this pack of Park Avenue prats turned down was that of a male sperm falling from the heavens trailing the caption... "Joy" ... Well, praise God for their discernment... right?!
  • Or maybe we should report on the whole inconceivable... duh... as to why true believers in the Risen Christ willfully engage in a known pagan festival popularly known as Christmas?

No, this time around I think we need to look behind the smoke and the mirrors and take a peek into...

  • The narcissistic world of Pastor Ca$hley Evans, his wife Jane and some of their empathetic... 'friends'.

Time Elapsed Waiting For Ashley's reply to this Report
Truth will not run from investigation, not so error - Author Unknown

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