Only One Way into the Light


What I'm about to talk about is very politically incorrect, and you can tell I'm really downhearted about that - NOT, and while it may not appeal to the sensibilities of the liberal loony left it is nevertheless the absolute truth.


A couple of Saturday nights back I caught the tail end of a program on channel 10 called Mysterious Ways. This particular episode concerned dying and life after death. In the story a man was dying and he was struggling with accepting that. At one point someone spoke to him about faith to which he replied "That's not for me." He never wavered from the confession even to the point when he died with a big smile on his face and "peacefully" crossed over into the light. Now while the notion that we ALL go to a better place when we die is popular and sentimentally appealing, it's simply not true. Where we go after death is determined while we are alive and it's determined by a single choice we make - or don't make. The notion that we ALL live happily ever after regardless of our philosophical assertions is a categorical lie!


No other book speaks with more clarity and authority about the reality of death and the after life than does the Holy Bible, and from that compilation of 66 books we're able to sift the wheat from the chaff as it were when it comes to what actually happens after death. The prophet Isaiah stated that there "would be no rest for wicked" (Isaiah 48:22). The word wicked means ungodly - those not sanctified - the lost, those not born again. Like I said it's popular in our liberal society to say of a dearly departed that they are in a better place - but if the dearly departed is without God in life then they're without God in eternity and they are therefore not in a better place at all. I know this is confronting especially if you're not of the household of faith and have lost someone nevertheless it's the truth and I'd rather hurt you with the truth than kiss you with a lie. Without Christ there is no eternal rest only eternal torment - not says me, says God.


Jesus said that He was the Way, the truth and the life and that no one - NO ONE comes to God unless they come through him. There are billions of dearly departed atheists, many of whom were good people, bewailing their own foolish philosophies in the grave right now. Jesus proclaimed that He alone is the door. You can't get into heaven through the doors of religion or good deeds or benevolence or charity or sincerity - only through the door of Jesus Christ - ONLY THROUGH THE DOOR OF JESUS CHRIST. His substitutionary death on the cross of Calvary over 2,000 years ago is your pardon, your redemption, your welcome home - and all you have to do is accept it.


God the Father made it so simple even a child could understand it. In fact Heaven is filled with children. Will you be one of them today? Don't be fooled by the myriad of religious mumbo jumbo claims. The only way to eternal life with God is through Jesus Christ. That truth alone makes every other world religion a portal to destruction. I believe it will be this very proclamation that will bring about the global persecution of Christians, to which we believers in one accord will shout - BRING IT ON!