Praying According To God's Will


Michael Yuseff, often talks about the Lord's Prayer and I was thinking about that during the week in regard to the part where it declares "God, Thy Will Be Done". It's about our surrendering to God's Will in every aspect of our lives including our opinions. But I suspect that when we pray it's more often about our will being done without really considering the bigger picture that God has in mind. The Bible says that if we pray according to God's will then we have the assurance that we've been heard and knowing that we can be further assured that we have what we've asked for, so praying according to God's will is very important.

I was asked by someone during the week I was praying for peace in the Middle East. They were rather taken back when I said "well actually no I'm not". They asked, "Why not"? I said that I wasn't convinced that that was God's will in this particular instance and at this particular time in history. I said, God's Word declares that there's a time for peace but that there was also a time for war and that I wasn't satisfied in my spirit that this particular time was allocated for peace. (Ecclesiastes 3:8) Having said that there will be a short term peace in the middle east in the not too distant future but according to God's Word that peace will be brokered by satan in the person of Antichrist - still that's another story. So I said I didn't want to be praying prayers that may be at odds with God's Word and His will.

God has an agenda and that agenda involves the transpiration of a series of successive events which ultimately lead to the glorious return of Jesus Christ and that those events would be encompassed by wars and rumours of wars that MUST come to pass. So I said that I didn't want to be involved in anything that's at odds with that, instead I said I was praying Scripturally for all the parties involved that they would seek and follow God's lead rather than their emotions; that should push come to shove the action would be swift and decisive and not protracted; That there would be a preservation of innocent life; but moreover that God's will be done and that His purposes would be achieved in this conflict.

As I said it's yet another scene in this great end time unveiling. Remember Jesus Himself said that there WOULD be wars and rumours of wars (Matthew 24:6) and that these events MUST happen before His return. So to me, praying that something won't happen when God has already said that it MUST seems pretty pointless don't you think?

And this may be surprising - it was to me but I've yet to find anywhere in God's Word, other than praying specifically for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6), where we are asked to pray for peace. If you can find it in there please let me know where it is because I couldn't find it. We all need to pray that God's will be done and that His purposes are achieved whether we understand them or not, whether they're popular or not or whether we agree with them or not in every situation of life, in doing so we can rest assured we'll be heard.