July 18, 2015

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Planned Parenthood
Organ Harvesting Inc.

By Tony Dean
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Last Updated: 26-08-2015

"...all who hate me love death.” Proverbs 8:36

"You shall not give any of your children to offer them to Molech, and so profane the name of your God: I am the LORD." Leviticus 18:21

"They sacrificed their sons and their daughters to the demons; they poured out innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan, and the land was polluted with blood." Psalm 106:37-38

A [largely unreported] scandal has broken in the United States linking the Margaret Sanger / John D Rockefeller founded murder-mill Planned Parenthood, a US taxpayer funded eugenics slaughterhouse, with persistent aborted infant organ harvesting claims being openly admitted by senior officials within the abortuary. Several recently released and quite disturbing hidden camera videos out of Los Angeles features Planned Parenthood clinicians discussing the practice of selling the body parts of aborted babies in blatant violation of US federal law. The revelations have fuelled further calls for the de funding of the eugenics murder mill.

In one video, part one of a 3-part documentary series from The Center for Medical Progress, Planned Parenthood Senior Director Dr. Deborah Nucatola (as she stuffs her face with salad and fine red wine) explains to a male and female couple posing as organ purchasers, exactly how the procedure goes down and which human organs are most popular. She even describes in ghoulish detail how the organs are removed and what happens to the bits that get in the way. You can watch that video HERE and hear it for yourself, but brace yourself. The full footage can be seen HERE. And the full 60 page transcript is available HERE

"...I’d say a lot of people want liver. And for that reason, most providers will do this case under ultrasound guidance, so they’ll know where they’re putting their forceps. The kind of rate-limiting step of the procedure is calvarium. Calvarium—the head—is basically the biggest part.” “We’ve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that, so I’m not gonna crush that part, I’m gonna basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact.”  Planned Parenthood Senior Director of Medical Services Deborah Nucatola

The second video (right sidebar) features yet another Planned Parenthood official haggling over the price of aborted infant's organs, even joking she planned on purchasing a Lamborghini with the profits. The third video (right sidebar) is even more graphic in content and viewer discression is advised. It depicts an aborted female baby lying on a surgical dish next to a pair of surgical scissors with her arms and legs twitching just prior to being cut open and her organs harvested. Truly barbaric and gruesome. On July 29, 2015 the Washington Post reported that a second abortion provider was frantically trying to have the release of the sting videos banned. At the same time Californian Attorney General Kamala Harris has vowed to criminally investigate, not the abortion mill and its, illegal, ghoulish practices, but rather, the producer of the videos. Joining Harris, a financially supportive Obama appointed judge quickly granted a temporary restraining order against the release of a fourth video which, according to the documentary producers, presents a prima facia case of born alive children, and all the ramifications that go along with that. That order was subsequently overturned being cited as a clear violation of US First Amendment rights. Yes, what a wonderful world in which we live (Isaiah 5:20).

I am speechless. It seriously reminds me of a You-Pull-It car wrecking yard. The inhumanity of it all is astounding to me. Such unashamed Frankensteinia. Evidently the falling over one another push by so called feminists and other "presidential" aspirants, including reigning despot 'n' chief Obama, and 2016 hairy leg-in Hitlary Clinton, for the "legal" excusation of the inhuman practice of "DNX, or Intact Dilation and Extraction" otherwise known as Partial Birth Abortion, otherwise known as murder; is associated with this shocking revelation. (It sickens me to even write these words.) DNX is the ghoulish practice of causing the breach birth of a near or full term, viable baby and with only the head remaining in the uterus the surgeon uses an instrument to puncture the base of the skull, which collapses the baby's head. Typically, the contents of the fetal head are then partially suctioned out, which results in the death of the fetus and reduces the size of the fetal head enough to allow it to pass through the cervix. The dead but otherwise intact fetus is then removed from the woman's body, no doubt for fully formed, fresh organ harvesting.. It is cold blooded murder, there is no other term for it.  The Apostle Paul described it well in Romans

"And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done. They were filled with all manner of unrighteousness, evil, covetousness, malice. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, maliciousness. They are gossips, slanderers, haters of God, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, foolish, faithless, heartless, ruthless. Romans  1:28-30

How more heartless or ruthless can a person or group of people be, so as to incubate a living human being for 9 months with the express purpose of slaughtering it in order to harvest and sell its organs? This is not North Korea we're talking about folks, this is the United States of America. This barbarous practice however is not limited to the Land of the "Free", reports out of the United Kingdom in 2013 revealed the practice is alive and well there as well, though not to the same grizzly scale.

Organ trafficking is quite a lucrative industry. Reported the The London Telegraph October 18, 2013...

"According to the World Health Organization as many as 7,000 kidneys are illegally obtained by traffickers each year around the world. While there is a black market for organs such as hearts, lungs and livers, kidneys are the most sought after organs because one can be removed from a patient without any ill effects. The process involves a number of people including the recruiter who identifies the victim, the person who arranges their transport, the medical professionals who perform the operation and the salesman who trades the organ. The government’s report also found that there has been a rise in the number of adults trafficked to the UK, with the number of women rising by 12 per cent to 786 and the number of men by almost a third to 400. They include growing numbers of British men are being exploited for "paving or ground works" in this country or abroad." [Source]

Now, breaking news points out that Nucatola is currently employed at Sexual Health Innovations, founded by former Obama White House staffer Jessica Ladd. Senior Obama administration officials sit on the board of the abortion activist group, including Praveen Basaviah of the President’s Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS and Kyle Bernstein of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The IRS-approved 501(c)3 tech nonprofit is a major Obama administration contractor. So please don't tell me he knows nothing about what's going on there having praised them not that long ago for their "Great Work" all the while lambasting Pro Lifers, as one would expect a weevil in oatmeal to do.

"They sacrificed their sons and their daughters to the demons; they poured out innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan, and the land was polluted with blood." Psalm 106:37-38

One of these Caananite idols was Molech. It was believed that a child sacrificed to this idol brought prosperity and fortune. According to Leviticus 20:3 worship of this false deity was akin to profaning the Name of God. Under Mosaic Law they were not only to be stoned to death, they were further abandoned by God. Meaning, the Lake of Fire is their resting place. Molech represents the most repulsive of acts in God's sight, the ritual sacrifice of children to a pagan god, which was condemned in the strongest way by the Lord.

Abortion is clearly murder, and a sin deserving of eternal torment and separation from God in Hell. However, Jesus, living a perfect life, fulfilling the Law perfectly, sacrificed Himself as the Lamb of God for the sins of mankind, granting an eternal pardon for those who believe on His Name, trusting in Him alone for their salvation and forgiveness of sins.

Amid the incessant, droning chants from atheists concerning the "irrelevance of the Bible in our modern age", Molech worship continues unabated from one godless generation to the next.

Oh, and if you have a problem with any of this, please sign this petition to get it stopped.

In His Everlasting Embrace

Tony Dean
Director Moriah Ministries Australia

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