Planet Shakers Backmasked

Rock and Roll, a Search for God was a video presentation of some years vintage which dealt with music (specifically secular rock) and its influence on the culture. One of the topics addressed in the video was 'backmasking'. For the uninitiated, backmasking is the practice of recording hidden messages in a song which are only intelligible when the song is played in reverse. The jury is out when it comes to the effectiveness of such-like subliminal messaging. Some say it has none, others are convinced the effect is profound. To date there is no valid science supporting the view that such messages have any coersive effect on the human psyche, however that is not to say that such evidence will not be found in the future.

In my 20 odd years in the music industry I can assure you music in and of itself, has a very profound effect. As for the subject of backmasking, we'll just have to wait and see but a curiosity arises. Let me explain. When it comes to backmasking there are two types, intentioned and unintentioned. The first type occurs when sound engineers deliberately place a recording or message in a song which is only discernable when it is heard backward. In this type of backmasking, when the song is played in the forward direction, it is obvious that 'something' is there but no message can be discerned, it can only clearly be heard when the song is played in reverse. The unintentioned type of backmasking however, is far more sinister and unexplained. When the song is played in reverse, the message is clear and discernable but when the song is played in the forward direction, it cannot be heard at all. I can assure you that it is catagorically impossible for this to be done by human means, nor can it be by chance, for the odds of such would be astronomical. This suggests some kind of spiritual intervention. Which leads me to the curiosity I previously mentioned. If it is indeed spiritual in origin and backmasking has no effect on the human mind, why put it there in the first place? Many may well have heard that the Led Zepplin song 'Stairway to Heaven' contains backmasking giving veneration to Satan, as indeed it does! So too does the Queen song 'Another One Bites the Dust' which encourages the use of marijuana. Both of these songs, along with many others, employ the unintentioned form of backmasking.

So my line of thinking went thusly, if unintentioned backmasking is indeed spiritual [for at this time there is no other plausible explaination] and given the mostly negative and occultic [which means hidden] connotations of those embedded messages, then it seems logical to presume demonic activity. So my curiosity led me to investigate some 'so-called' Christian songs - and lo and behold the very first song I tried contains backmasked messages which you can hear for yourself. The song in question is entitled 'He Is Holy' by the Paradise Community Church band Planet Shakers. A beautiful song when played in the right direction, but somewhat sinister when played in reverse. As you will hear some of the backmasked lyrics go from the sublime to the sinister. Lyrics such as, 'everything I say goes la la' which pretty much sums up a lot of charismatic musak, to 'I'm gonna make you over, selfish family'. Discovering this, I have to say, bothered me. I then ran Guy Sebastian's 'Elevator Love' in reverse, and guess what? The backmasked message in it echoed a far more sinister tone when it said 'He said he would give us pain everlasting'. I ask you, who would be the author of that? Again it must be emphasized that this type of backmasking would not be known to the band or singer. But it is there, and it is evil, and again I ask, if it has no effect, why is it there? It is fair to say that a lot of these songs do enough damage when played in the right direction, so why would anyone bother to take the time to listen to them in reverse? The answer should be simple, because Christians are fighting an enemy which is the antithesis of light and as previously mentioned, occult means hidden.

So I guess my message to you is just because it claims to be 'Christian' doesn't mean you can let your guard down.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour. [1Peter 5:8]

Tony & Pamela Dean

2007 Moriah Ministries Australia

Reverse: "Everything I say goes la la"
From: He is Holy, Planet Shakers
Reverse: "I'm gonna make you over selfish family"
From: He is Holy, Planet Shakers
Reverse: "He said he would give us pain (ah) everlasting"
From: Elevator Love, Guy Sebastian
Forward: " life Lord you set me free"
From: He is Holy, Planet Shakers
Forward: "You left your place of glory giving your life . . "
From: He is Holy, Planet Shakers
Forward: "... this elevator love, yeah - tell me you miss me"
From: Elevator Love, Guy Sebastian