Signs of the Times

This is strong because it obviously needs to be and I send it out to the body corporate in His name. Nicolas Berdyaev is quoted as saying " Man's problem rises from the fact that he has not only lost the way, but he has lost the address".

A children's Sunday School Class spent several weeks studying different religions. They studied Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Jews, Buddhist and Hindus. Finishing out the study, the teacher was asking the youngsters some questions about what they learned and how their denomination of Christianity compared to the others. As they finished up by talking about the various forms of Christianity she asked, "And, what do you call us?" One of the kids piped up and said, "I know, I know...we're prostitutes." You see, oil and water don't mix as much as some political opportunists keep telling us it should, but that doesn't seem to stop some people from trying.

The generation in which we live never ceases to amaze me as to the depths of depravity it's prepared to sink in order to satisfy its collective obsession for embracing what it thinks is "pleasure". "If it feels good do it" they cry . . . " "You only get one life so go for all the thrills you can" . . . "You've got to look out for the old number, one no-one else will" . . . I have the "right" to do what I want, it's my life, my body, my choice . . . (even though the life I'm terminating isn't really mine at all) . . . So what if I choose to live an alternative lifestyle, I'm not hurting anyone . . . (even though that lifestyle is a multi billion dollar burden on the global economy) . . . I'm free to do whatever I choose to as long it makes me happy, what can be wrong with that?

Sound familiar? The trouble with this sort of foolish and short-sighted reasoning is that while it seems logical to the inherent selfish mind, it doesn't work - it doesn't work at all.

"As long it makes me happy, what can be wrong with that? - is a rather subjective sort of doctrine - think about it . . . the end always justifies the means. In other words, there's nothing wrong with shooting up heroin because it makes me feel good (even though it'll kill you). Question . . . What if what makes you "happy" is molesting little kids or beating up little old ladies or robbing banks - is that ok? Of course not you cry . . . Why not? I'll tell you why, because we're just drawing lines in the same sand but at different places. It's called situational ethics, it's popular and it's also categorically untenable!

The truth is that "Your" rights are at some point going to impinge on someone else's rights at which point exactly WHO is right? If it feels good do it . . . as long as it makes me happy . . . for heaven's sake when are we going to get it through our thick scones that God sets the standards and our part is to be obedient to them. Make no mistake, to defy God and do as you please is to serve Satan. I don't know how to put it any more simply. Serving yourself is the same as serving the devil. Making up your own rules is a replication of the original sin. C'mon folks, this is kindergarten stuff. If people spent more time in the Word and less time in front of the idiot box I wouldn't have been called here to say this right now. If God says in His Word "Don't" then DON'T! How hard is that? Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do or die, someone wisely once wrote.

This is indeed an age defined by its innate selfishness. An age of pleasure seekers who'll justify their lustful behaviours at any cost.

Men and women forsaking their marriage covenants in order to pick weeds on that "greener side of the fence" Compromising dabblers in eastern mysticism - committing spiritual adultery against God. Thrill-seeking junkies forever chasing momentary rushes of fleeting "feelings". What these people don't realise is they do all of this at the expense of their relationship with God - and I'm talking especially to Christians here. Lovers of pleasures (literally LUSTS) RATHER than lovers of God, having the external appearance of godliness . . . is the description of this time in human history, prophetically recorded in the New Testament book of 2 Timothy, chapter 3 and verse 1.

These are dark days. Be warned, many around you will fall and their fall will leave you in bewilderment but you - YOU listening to me right now - stand firm until the end, for that end is near - Don't Compromise, there's far too much to loose and so precious little to gain.

Stand firm! That's from the throne to you today. - Stand firm!