The Essence of Sin


How would you describe the essence of sin? - J.I. Packer explains it this way . . .

He says, "The essence of sin in positive terms is Playing God; and, as a means to this, refusing to allow the Creator to be God so far as you are concerned. Living, not for Him, but for yourself; loving and serving and pleasing yourself without reference to the Creator; trying to be as far as possible independent of Him, taking yourself out of His hands, holding Him at arms length, keeping the reigns of life in your own hands; acting as if you, and your pleasure, were the end to which all things else, God included, must be made to function as a means... Sin is exalting oneself against the Creator, withholding the homage due Him, and putting oneself in His place as the ultimate standard of reference in all life's decisions".

Hmm . . . That's why the Bible boldly and rightly declares that we have all fallen short of the mark, indeed, that we are ALL sinners - each and every one of us. The problem lies in the fact that although we're all sinners, not all of us are smart enough or at least, honest enough to admit it. - Martin Luther said "The ultimate proof of the sinner is that he does not know his own sin". The Bible says that if we claim to not sin, then we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. As J. I Packer points out, all we need to do to qualify for the position of "sinner" is to "Play God". You see that's what the original sin was - and is - Deciding for ourselves what is right and wrong!

The truth is we don't need to be a homicidal axe wielding maniac, a murderer, an adulterer, a racist, a homosexual, a gossiper, or even an Amway dealer - all we need to do is to keep God at arms length - off the throne of our lives - that's all! The pompous, egocentric little dictator called "Self" needs to be deposed don't you think? We need to abdicate so that He can dominate!

Time for a coup today?