Taking Every Thought Captive


Ok, time for a lesson in Physics. Did you know there are 5 levels of information? Well there are and they are as follows . . .

  1. Statistical
  2. Syntactic
  3. Semantic
  4. Pragmatic and
  5. Apobetic.

Apobetic is the highest of the five levels of information. It entails the purposefulness of the information - what the information is for and the reason for its being. It implies that the sender of that information provides the purpose, plan or the design in order to obtain certain effects in the recipient. It deals with the purpose of the sender in other words and the outcome the sender expects from sending the information. Understand?

Dr. Werner Gitt explains . . . In every case where information is transmitted the question should be, "Why does the sender transmit this information, and what effect does he want to achieve in the recipient"?

The Bible says that we are to . . . "take every thought captive and make them obedient to Jesus Christ". (2 Corinthians 10:5) What does this mean?

Simply, we are commanded to stop every thought that seeks to enter our "mind gate" and test it to determine both the sender of the thought and the ultimate purpose the thought is to achieve. It's in the Present tense in the original Greek so this means an ongoing vigilance at taking these thoughts captive.

Not all thoughts are from God, so every one must be analysed and scrutineered using the benchmark of God's Word. Like the illegal asylum seekers attempting to enter our country by the back door, each must be detained and individually processed to make sure that no undesirables enter in. So it is with our thoughts, each must be carefully checked as to both the author and intent. It's simply ludicrous to let them all in and say, "I'll deal with them later" as some do, living by the foolish ethic of "if it feels good do it". All thoughts need to be taken captive at the point of entry. God gives us His commands for our protection - not to spoil our fun but to optimise it. "Apobetic" information identifies both the sender of the information and the purpose of the information sent, so take it captive to the obedience of Jesus Christ and be safe.