The Name Of God The Father


Would you ever address the Heavenly Father with . . . Oi? Or Hey you?, or Eh, big guy in the sky? Of course not. You'd use His proper name wouldn't you? So, what is the Heavenly Father's name? Well, firstly it's not GOD. That's a general title for a supreme being, it's not deity specific and it's not a personal name. There are many titles listed in the Scriptures that describe certain attributes of the Father's unfathomable personality but these titles are descriptive terms not personal names. Some will knock on your door and tell you that the Father's personal name is "Jehovah" but that's an incorrect transliteration of the Name. Theologian J. B Rotherham wasn't so shy in calling it like it was when he said "the term Jehovah is an erroneously written and pronounced monstrosity". You'll see why shortly. In fact the word "Jehovah" is not really a name at all - it's actually both a hybrid and a mongrel word. Firstly the letter "J" is only about 500 years old. There is no such letter in either the Hebrew or Greek languages. The name "Jehovah" is the formulation of the Father's name by a bloke named Petrus Galatinus during the 15th century - who was a confessor to Pope Leo the 10th incidentally.


In the Greek the Father's Name is referred to as the "Tetragrammaton" which means 4 letters. Those 4 letters in the original texts are written YHWH - It was written this way by Jewish law experts with little marks called "diacritical marks" under the 4 consonants YHWH to cue the reader to NOT pronounce the Name but rather use the name "adonai" instead so as not to risk blasphemy by improperly pronouncing the Divine name.


The name "Jehovah" is doubly error-some. Since there is no letter J or V in the ancient Hebrew the 4 letters were altered to JHVH and vowels were added to spell out the name "Jehovah". But the funny thing is Hebrew is read from right to left not left to right. Another error in the name "Jehovah" is of terrible coincidental meaning in the Hebrew. Jeh, is a corruption of Yah or God. The word "hovah" in the Hebrew literally means ruin, calamity and wickedness. Can we seriously embrace a name, which describes God the Father as the, "God of ruin and wickedness"? That sounds more like the adversary to me, wouldn't you agree? In fact Satan is known as both the Destroyer and the Wicked one.


The correct pronunciation of the Name of God the Father (YHWH) is Yahueh (Yah-oo-way) and when it's spoken it sounds like a breath - the same breath of life that brought man into existence. Yahueh means "He who will become whatever His people need of Him at that time". Hence the titles Yahuehnissi, God my banner, Yahuehshallom, God my peace, Yahuehshammah, God is here, Yahuejireh, God who sees and therefore provides, Yahshua, God is Salvation! Which is the literal pronunciation of the Messiah's name you know that? Well you do now!.


Yahwey, "He who will become whatever His people need of Him at that time".


What's your need today? Then call on His name!