The Standard


At the entrance of St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna, a set of standards are permanently part of the wall. The first is the length of a yard. The second is a round circle for the standard size of a loaf of bread. Each of these two standards, one embedded and one carved, were place there long ago to assure the people of that day that they were not being cheated by others. These were standards they could use to check and compare. A yard meant a yard, and the standard was a steel rod embedded in the wall. A round loaf of bread had to be a certain size, or it wasn't a full loaf of bread. If the street vendors and merchants didn't have standards, at least the Church would display standards that no one could dispute.

Unfortunately in today's post modernist world "Standards" are on the liberalists hit lists. We're being told by these "Holy-Phobes" that everything is "Relative", that there are No Absolutes - I wonder if they're "Absolutely" sure of that? When you think about it they can't be can they? Since there are no absolutes you can't make absolute statements like "There are no absolutes" Er, excuse me while I shoot myself in the foot.

Because many people have believed the myth of Moral Relativity, they become confused when their conscience whispers "What can I trust? Is anything dependable? Is there a standard?"

"How do we even know murder is wrong?" Tom asked defiantly. The professor saw the question as nothing but a smokescreen. The Bible teaches that the moral law is written on every human heart. That means everyone really knows murder is wrong -- whether we admit it or not. So the professor pushed Tom, "Are you in real doubt about whether murder is wrong?" Tom was evasive: "Many people might say it's all right." "But I'm not asking other people," the professor pressed on. "Are you at this moment in any real doubt about murder being wrong?" There was a long silence. "No," Tom finally admitted. "No, I'm not."

"Good," the professor said. "Then we don't have to waste time asking whether morality is relative. Let's talk about something you're really in doubt about."

Nowadays, When people look to religion, what do they find? Pretty much whatever they want to find. Even turning to what the world would call Christianity, a person can find almost anything he or she chooses to find. Because there are so many conflicting positions taken by those who claim Jesus Christ as Lord, they get to decide what is right by what seems best to them. This, by definition, is the original sin. In other words, rather than worshipping a Holy God who sets standards and defines character, many have made the Christian religion into a virtual shopping trolley filled to the brim with goodies they find appealing while at the same time demand little of them in return. They get to choose what seems best for them because there are no standards.

Well, in this instance I'm glad to be the bearer of bad news! You see whether the touchy, feely liberalists like it or not, whether they believe it or not, there is fast coming a day when God Himself is going to again expose this world's (and the “church’s”) lack of "Standards" to the light of His eternal, unchanging truth and declare that they just don't measure up! What are they going to do then? Does the phrase "Weeping and Gnashing of teeth" rattle any chains?