What Is Peace?


The following quote comes from the movie The Elite and it's food for thought . . .

"Look at what drives you. I don't know where your vendetta comes from, that little avenger you have in your heart - but it's in the heart of your enemy too. Trust me, badness is going to be around long after you leave this planet. And when you fight there's always going to be someone there who pities your opponent, and with that pity they gain support - and grow".

What is peace? Well if you are to take your definition from the newspapers (particularly the Letters To The Editor section who seem to have cornered the market on whiners and whingers lately), the television or the media in general you'd come up with something along the lines of, peace is "Contentment in the absence of war". But God has a completely different definition of peace. His rendering goes along the lines of, peace is, "Contentment in the MIDST of war". Jesus said it Himself in John 14 verse 27, and here's how the Living Bible translates it . . .

"I am leaving you with a giftópeace of mind and heart! And the peace I give isnít fragile like the peace the world gives. So donít be troubled or afraid". So we need to be very mindful that when it comes to "peace" God and secular society don't see eye to eye on its definition, neither should God's children and secular society see eye to eye on the definition of peace, sadly some do.

The Bible declares that mankind has never known the way of peace, which is salvation - not banner waving for the absence of war. (Romans 3:17) So, with all due respect to organisers and participants alike, peace marches and rallies aren't going to enlighten anyone as to what peace truly is, nor bring it about, nor avert the root of war which resides in EVERY human heart, even the hearts of the staunchest advocates of peace. (Matthew 15:19)

True peace is a peace of the heart that external circumstances can't shake. It's not a man made treaty for the aversion of war. It's a peace that only comes when the living Saviour resides in the hearts of those who take the opportunity to receive Him. That peace that defies all understanding is available to you today and all you have to do is ask Him in.

Won't you do that today?