World Trade Centre In Scripture?


The sheer magnitude of not only devastation but also the global unifying against terrorism in the wake of the World Trade Centre disaster begs the question - does the Bible make mention of it in its many prophecies? Some have already claimed that the mystic Nostradamus predicted the disaster in one of his quatrains, most people know by now that what the media has been touting in regard to Nostradamus and the World Trade Centre, is nothing but a concocted hoax. A pure fabrication penned by Canadian college student Neil Marshall to highlight how easily people are conned by such ethereal writings. I've posted an article on our Myths & Legends page on our website regarding this Nostradamus hoax that you may like to take a look at. But what about the Bible? Is what happened in New York foretold in Scripture?

Well . . . A. A Adepelumi in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil believes he has found in Scripture reference to the World Trade Centre attack and I think what he's found is certainly very provocative. It comes from the OT book of Daniel Chapter 8 starting at verse 3 - and it reads . . . (and this is the prophet Daniel speaking) . . .

"As I was looking around, I saw a ram with two long horns standing on the riverbank; and as I watched, one of these horns began to grow, so that it was longer than the other. 4The ram butted everything out of its way, and no one could stand against it or help its victims. It did as it pleased and became very great.

5While I was wondering what this could mean, suddenly a buck goat appeared from the west so swiftly that it didnít even touch the ground. This goat, which had one very large horn between its eyes, 6rushed furiously at the two-horned ram. 7And the closer he came, the angrier he was. He charged into the ram and broke off both his horns. Now the ram was helpless, and the buck goat knocked him down and trampled him, for there was no one to rescue him"

Some commentators have attributed these verses to Alexander the Great. But in light of the verses that follow, it may well be a parallel. Read it for yourselves in light of today's events and you'll see what I mean.

When it comes to Biblical prophesy you need to keep in mind that God often uses imagery. He does that to broaden the meaning of what's being said.

For example a Ram in Scripture refers to a deliverer or one who delivers - such as the ram God provided for Isaac when He tested him regarding his son. They are also symbolic of strong leaders and pillars of strength. Goats in Scripture are used to signify sin bearing - hence the term "Scapegoat" and to amplify the intonation of destruction because goats are basically destructive by nature. A Horn is most often used to signify strength and economically the World Trade Centre is typical of western democratic strength. So with those illustrations in mind let's consider A. A Adepelumi's observations . . .

  1. The ram with the two horns is the World Trade Centre Twin buildings. These building stood close to a river in Manhattan, New York.
  2. 'The two horns were high' which signifies the height of the buildings.
  3. 'But one [was] higher than the other, and the higher came up last.
  4. The two buildings were completed in 1972 and 1973 respectively with the highest being completed in 1973.
  5. That one of the buildings was struck from the West wing is no coincidence either. Daniel 8 verse 5 reads. 'The goat came from the west on the face of the whole earth, and touched not the ground'.
  6. 'And he came to the ram that had [two] horns, which I had seen standing before the river, and ran unto him in the fury of his power'.

So, what do you think? Has God's Word revealed 2 1/2 thousand years ago an event that took place in our time? I tell you what, if he's right what happens after this is that the perpetrator of the World Trade Centre attack will grow stronger but will eventually be defeated only to be replaced by 4 other kingdoms, who will seriously threaten world peace. Time is short. Get your life right with God friend. Behold - He comes!