Sunday, February 14, 2016

Big Brother Demands Visitation Rights

A global push for governmental monitoring of children appears to be under way with a draft document released by the US Department of Health and Human Services. As our sin soaked world marches relentlessly toward communistic fascism, more and more liberties once taken for granted are being shed like leaves in an autumn wind. The following report from Jon Bowne and Lee Ann Mcadoo is sobering in its application, particularly for parents with school aged children. Of course it will expand from this point, but we're dealing with children in this report, and in particular, Big Brother's demand to monitor and control every aspect of human life, including their health and even attitudes. Yes we are talking about the monitoring and conformity to [global] government standards. People who fail to see this insidious rise of the totalitarian police state slowly encompassing us all, will surely be the same who will be captives of it.

Stay alert.

In Christ,

Tony Dean
Moriah Ministries Australia